I want to draw attention to the automatic “curse” function of the game. I was originally from the US forum, there’s not a lot of players so I decided to join the Japanese forum. Albeit it’s my fault for joining a page without understand their language, but I only wanted to have fun.

I did everything to help from cooking to making wood. The players knew I wasn’t Japanese and couldn’t understand what they were saying. What do we know 5 second later I was cursed by the whole village without knowing wtf I did wrong. They only discussed amongst themselves without even trying to even communicate with me even though some did know English. They told me I had abandoned a baby but it was honestly due to lag and the frame froze. I didn’t saw her and had anyone brought this up to my attention I would’ve fed her.

I am completely disappointed by this experience. I can’t believe Japanese players are this exclusive to foreign players. I walked into this round confident because of Japanese people friendly and helpful reputation. Guess not.


Heres a translation for Japanese users.





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Although I’m Asian I never entered Japanese or Korean server either and rather use US/Europe server eventhough it lagged like hell simply because people are more open to players who can’t speak English. We can play peacefully even without talking.

I played with Korean and Japanese people on English/Singapore servers no problem. But I would like to think if they play on their servers, they specifically wanted to play with people who can talk their language. It sucks, but it’s the truth, I entered Singapore server that is always empty and meet a person, so excited thinking they’re SEA Asian only to find out she’s a Korean person wanting to have a whole server to herself.

We still played peacefully but I’m lying if I didn’t say I’m disappointed. I recommend you to stick to US/Europe server if you don’t speak their language, you never know if they’re simply tolerating you or want you gone.

I don’t know how to edit my comment, but I think you will have better time playing in Korean server since they can at least understand a bit of English.

I have also been to Japanese servers. When they found out that I was not Japanese, they began to curse me. I was a child at that time. I didn’t do anything bad and had been helping to work. I just said that I was not Japanese, so they drove me away and cursed me. They said that foreigners were bad children. I think they are more afraid that their village will be disturbed, so it’s more exclusive.

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It sucks that even now when I tried to enter other servers people automatically assume I am a troll (rightfully so). Like wtf if you don’t want me there than ■■■■■■■ say so?? Why be such cowards and just curse me, I could’ve just died on my own like?? It’s unfair that I alone must bear the consequences that I didn’t do. Do I have to tolerate players grange up on others now?


i also encountered this before. a bit weird they curse at you or even use the curse button instead of asking to leave.


I, a Japanese person, will explain how this happened.

This is due to Japan’s unique concept of “you can do it without saying anything”, collectivism, low English literacy rate, and common sense unique to Japan.

When you come to the Japanese server, please think that you are in Japan.
They will accept any foreigner, but if you deviate from Japan’s unique common sense and rules, you will be hostile to them.

☆In particular, foreigners do the following things.

  • Use a lot of firewood to create multiple flames.

・Do not use the Japanese style for making sheep fences.

・Working at an age where babies can be born calmly in an environment where there is no nanny even though they do not eat the seeds of evacuation

・Preferentially used English without understanding Japanese.

Another factor is that foreigners’ trolls have gathered on Japanese servers, and the number of Japanese who are wary of foreigners has increased.
Therefore, if you do not know the above rules and cultural background, you will be instantly ostracized.

Especially Chinese (continental) players should be careful.
The prejudice against them is barbaric, such as pretending to be a foreigner by speaking in English and messing up a village on the Japanese server, or immediately abandoning children or murdering innocent people when trying to play on the Chinese server. Because I consider myself an ethnic group.
If you come to the Japan server, let’s improve to the extent that you can communicate in Japanese, including slang.

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God grief, it’s just a game. Why. Why can’t you guys got along with other east Asians?? I’m southeast Asian and I play with east Asian, southeast Asian and South Asian peacefully.

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Please, there’s no excuse to defend this ridiculous behaviour. For about a month no server would decide to keep me alive since I am cursed. With the little amount of players within serves it’s such a menace to try to play in peace.

I violated none of the point you mention before. I knew far well before joining the server that I’ll only make food and wood since Japanese people have their own style. But come on? YOU KNOW how damaging curses are. And to weaponise that against other players are just vile. Just tell me to leave? This left such a bad impression on Japanese players with said exclusive culture. To normalise the abuse of this game function is laughable and rude. Don’t blame it on language barriers, if you don’t want a player just let them die in the beginning rather than curse them out of the blue.

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