YaH specific recipes

I know that carrot seed can be crushed by a stone on a flat rock to make contraceptive. In addition, what is this pine tea for bbs I’ve been hearing about? Are there any other YaH specific recipes you guys know that most people miss out on?


Pine needle tea will higher the chance of getting babies. Also it will reverse the effect of the contraceptive.


other things are:

“the peace lily monument” which will prevent killing in a 25x25 square around it.

“santa claus” comming to town in the winter updates.

“lily rebirth markers” for spawning back to a certain location of your choice. no need of living till 60 to get back.

“region ban” will griefers not allow to enter a certain area on the map.

“ban in absentia” let you ban griefers by click and hold on objects they used. watch out for their unique id.

“treasure hunting” you can do with a schnauzer dog.

“bee keeping” you can get honey from bees.

for other content updates see the categorie game updates or find the update videos on the official youtube channel.