YAH Voice Chat

Would anybody be interested in YAH voice chat? If so, how do you think it would be implemented? :thinking:


There is voice chat in our Discord channel. Please try it out and see what you think. Not many people use it, so I assume it is not a priority for most people.


That isn’t as convenient though. You have to switch back to Discord and then back to the game (and so on and so forth).

how would you solve the babies only speaking some letters?

Would you hear everyone on the server or just people close by?

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Your speaking time could be limited (or maybe you wouldn’t be able to talk at all).

Just people close by. Maybe it would be configurable in private servers.

It would be very nice, typing can be a struggle.
Especially when helping new players. You end up spending half your life just typing.

The discord channel isn’t as convenient because not a lot of players even use discord.

However, I don’t know exactly how this could work, maybe we just need to make more of an effort to have people join the discord server.

There could be a microphone button to disable/enable voice chat (or maybe a push-to-talk option).

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I agree a ingame voice chat would be nice but only on a special server instead of the main servers to test it.

Also if voice chat was added maybe when people type they would wave their arms like they are gestering or using sign language.

As for talking maybe only when a character becomes 18 they become able to talk. 18 letters should be enough to say any word realistically anyways. And it would prevent baby griefers being born and screeching at everybody. Also a sound threshold should be implemented to silence people for a set amount of time to prevent people just yelling at the top of their lungs or playing loud noises to hurt peoples ears.

Also it should be a proximity chat. Id say radius of 4 tiles should be plenty. But i think proximity chat might be a bit harsh on the servers…

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But it kinda gets weird a bit like there are kids and griefers playing but in the meant time they might just scream and annoy ppl, and the kids might get even more annoying because they might not know everything so they just keep asking and chit chatting with the others then, you know only kids play this game and it wont be fun. Plus it feels like your in VR chat.:confused:

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We don’t know how much of them are but I think it’ll be a disaster

I don’t know how difficult to implement voice chat into the game, but I feel it’s not on top of the priority list. To me, Top of the list is YAH sequence😁, followed by minor aesthetical updates, like more of plantable plants, glass wall, more wall and floor color, etc and cylindrical pillar.
I think some inconvenient factors are a part of the game, just like real life


For kids it would be easy to just use the banish system for the voice chat for example banishing them for cussing or screeching cus those would be forms of griefing then once they were b3 players they would be muted. There would be a age limit of 13 years old mininum cause thats the google standard for voice if i remember right. So if you came across a player whos younger then that like obviously 7 or something you could report them to the devs or moderators. At that point they could permanently silence the player.

Its a very doable thing to add voice chat into the game i believe but it would be very taxing on the YAH team not to mention they would have to hire in game moderators or spend their own precious time moderating which could lead to problems such as giving hackers a route to gain moderator powers or slowing down the rate of development for the game. So over all its probably not worth it to add voice into the game do to how much effort would go into it for very little to no return in profits.

Although maybe a voice chat feature for private servers would be amazing along with a special public server with voice chat

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‘discord’ was established for gamers, so it’s made for playing together and talking same time. You start the voice channel at discord, all can join, and you can start the game, discord/voicechannel will be still in the background then.

For me it would work, when you ve a project together, a group of people, a meeting point at a certain town.

YAH is anonymous. When you start voicechat, you will reconice them maybe another time again. (so don’t grief, or talk violet) That’s because I would say it make sense, when you ve a group-project you like to gain. Also for privat server user/group

And for people who like to play together, it could be useful, because you don’t need to stand arround In your best years of life, tipping and just communicating what’s up and on plan. You can play AND communicate… “rabbits on the left side!”