YAH's Weakness from griffer

Griffer is breaking the 1.1.1 rule.
Isn’t there enough reason to stop Griffer if this is a rule that causes inconvenience to others and damages certain groups or individuals? Of course, from the game company’s point of view, they are the same money. But they’re dirtying the content you’re offering.It’s also stipulated in the Apple Store regulations, and I think this is something that needs to be done.

I think they should get a warning for their first time offense, then a permaban if they offend again. They shouldn’t receive a refund. When you get banned in games on xbox and ps4 for misconduct reports, you don’t get a refund. You do have an option to contest the ban though but it’s usually moot and you just have to repurchase the game.

In this case, I don’t think the griefer is just making harmful remarks. They seem to be targeting Korean servers, especially with the Korean should be slaves to China and Japan remark. The history between Korea and Japan and China is especially dark considering that Japan unsuccessfully tried to commit ethnocide to Korea in the past. Also, the griefer is purposefully using bugs in the game to circumvent getting banned. This griefer is a total racist nutjob. If there isn’t a formal procedure in dealing with reoffending griefers, then there should be one created and posted in the forum and pinned.


Whether we like it or not, the discussion of perm-ban is moot for mobile games. The players buy the game from Apple or Google, who act as resellers here. We don’t get to know the identity of their customers, because they choose not to tell the developers this information. So we have to come up with a different way to tell users apart, but at least Apple allows their users to circumvent that method, if they like.
If we were to sell the game directly to the customers, without any reseller, then it would be possible to implement some kind of permanent ban on a user account, but again, Apple doesn’t allow direct sales for iOS apps.

This is the situation, folks. We can’t do perma-ban, because the tools and information required are not available to us, and this is done by design by Apple, so it is not likely to change either. :pensive: