YAH's Weakness from griffer

First,Draw a scale on the wooden board so that it can never be used as a floorboard again.
->So we need a way to erase this.

The pine walls break too easily.I’ve always said it, but I’ll say it again. The pine wall can be broken at once with an axe. Please correct this advantage.

Third, Let me plant rubber trees and palm trees. Please, if Gryffer cuts down these trees, the village will no longer grow economically.

4rd, I think it is fortunate that I discovered it early. If it was a little late, I would not have been able to use it anymore because of moss. So what if you could chisel the moss out of the mossy rock? If so, we will prevent this problem and furthermore, we will be able to play a game in a flexible manner.

5th, We can’t take any action even if Griffer retaliates.
You can just clean up the village where Griffer is dizzy and you can’t take any action.

Yesterday, caught him running away to stop the baby bomb. Then he left an unspeakable curse and threatened to reach the other griffers.
And now, our village has been destroyed by the griffers and is hard to recover.
There are people on the current server who are destroying the village because they don’t like it, and I hope you can deal with the following problems as soon as possible @Christoffer


Also, even though it is a Korean server, foreigners come and talk about racism and slavery, disrupting the village.

It’s horrible that your town was griefed that much! And I agree to your suggestions. Marks on boards should be easily removed again. Also the possibility to replant rubber trees and palm trees is good in my opinion. Some might say it would be too easy to get unlimited resources by doing so, but honestly I never felt like it would be really hard to get rubber and palm kernels. If you need some, you find enough trees in the wilderness. Making them not replantable is just in the advantage of griefers. And if someone thinks it’s too easy to get the resources that way, maybe make the process to get the rubber and palm kernels harder? That way the resource never wears out, but the process to get it is in change much harder? Just a suggestion. Or maybe rubber and palm trees can be just planted in jungle biome. That way you are still in need to have that biome around and can’t plant unlimited trees, but when someone cuts all down you still can replant them in that biome.


I saw you playing two accounts with two phones, using one as a baby in a banana field, and the other as a child with a chain account.That’s him again. Bad luck.


Also That village was once again attacked by griffers. on the grounds that he put it on the forum…
Griffer takes everything about iron. That village eve can’t work anymore. I’m sorry to hear that.

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It makes sense to me. Pine walls are meant to be weak walls. Maybe you should try using a different kind of material for your walls.

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I know there are many different kinds of walls, but they didn’t use them because they didn’t fit our concept. I didn’t want to reject the attractive pine wall just because it’s weak.
A weak pine wall is a factor that reduces the range of choices for game users.

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they are hard to build and destoryed so fast :frowning:
sorry yang-e to see your home got griefed :frowning:

maybe there should be a harder way for destory the pine needle walls.
like with the clay walls you have to be almost 2 people to destory it.

thanks yang-e for sharing your thought for improving the game :slight_smile:


Good Idea about the biom :+1:

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As a compromise, I think the pine walls should be easier to make. After all, they’re quite primitive.

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Thanks for your effort, let’s go through them.
#1. Boards with Mark, is already fixed for next update. The mark will disappear after 60 seconds.
#2. It makes sense to either make pine walls easier to create, or to make them harder to destroy. I have been thinking about a more general solution for “undoing” things that are in the wrong place, without making it simple for griefers to do it to everything. Nothing for next release though.
#3. Planting Rubber Tree, etc. The idea was that these trees can’t grow outside of the Jungle, but I will think about it once more.
#4. Similar to #2, but the other way around. The general “undo” process would cover this case too.
#5. I don’t understand this one? Could you explain more? The weapon against griefers is Banishment. It is much stronger now than it was before, because an area banishment lasts for 30 days. Build your cities on non-beginner servers, where the griefers can’t use the Apple hack to reset their ID.



You should be able to easily erase the marks instead of them magically disappearing after a minute.

You should also be able to use boards whether they have marks or not, but that’s not how the system works…
I think this solution to the problem will be quite satisfactory.


In Korea, the non-generator server is active because the regular server has 10 hours’ lock, which makes it more crowded with non-generator servers than regular servers. Of course, it is easier for regular servers to deal with grippers than with Beginners. However, in the case of a regular server, it is difficult and lonely to play because there are few people. So I would rather hire a manager to manage that problematic server. Koreans are more responsive because they have SNS community and can bring ideas from people who hesitate because of English, so more exchange of opinions will be possible.Also, it will help to find and update side effects of items like Yang-E more quickly.

I’m sorry you have had such a crappy person ruin your camp @yang-e. I think people that post racist or sexist messages on the chronicle should be permanently banned from the game.


If so, should they get their money refunded?

The App Store policies might come into play otherwise, but I could possibly be wrong. :thinking:

they do harm by texting. so just take any text option away from them.

The chat feature in-game and in the chronicle?

What about private servers?

Of course, this never happens on a personal server.But I think this game meaningful to talk to various people. It is the duty of managers to create a pleasant gaming environment.I think it’s not me but the griffers who have to run away to private servers

The following are the Apple Store regulations.
1.1 Improper content
There shouldn’t be offensive, disrespectful, offensive, deliberately repulsive, very low-grade, or overly frightening content in the app. Examples of these content include:

1.1.1 Disgraceable or discriminatory or malicious content, including references or descriptions to religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, ethnic/racial, or other specific groups (especially when an app can cause certain individuals or groups to be insulted, threatened, or harmed). Professional political satirists or humorous writers generally do not meet this requirement.