Yeah, I quit this game

I love this game. I’ve met so many wonderful people and lived so many amazing lives, this game is absolutely amazing And I love it with a deep passion. The developers are wonderful And work very hard to produce this game and the community is very friendly.

However there’s too many toxic people. No joke, every time I play I always get someone who is just downright rude to me for no reason and it kills my mood for the game. I would be living an amazing life and then next minute I would just wished I’ve never come online again.

I love the game, I really do but I feel like that every time I start playing now I wished that I’ve never started playing begin with which is really sad because this game is absolutely amazing.

I’m gonna log out now, so bye everyone. It was nice meeting you all.


felt the same about a year ago. some people just kill the fun. it’s so sad how those few griefers can overshadow this amazing experince the game provides. i see your point and feel with you. :heart: never forget that infact you are the person we all want to meet in game.


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I’ve personally went though a stage of wanting to give up too, if it wasn’t for amazing players like you that just want to have fun without harming others I’d probably stop playing long ago before I started working for this game.

Sorry that some players been rude to you and hope you’ll return some day, but if not I understand. :pensive:


Well that sucks I hope you can get back in the game again soon but I fell your pain. This game has toxic people that will lead an bear in your village just to be an jerk it sucks when it happens and that’s why I take breaks of this game all the time.