You and the eve

Imagine you are the son/daughter of an eve. She’s an experienced player, and knows her stuff. There are plenty of bushes (you and her ate almost all the berries), the farm’s bushes are growing but not ready yet. You are both at 1 hunger. There is one gooseberry left in a wild bush. What will you do?

Leave the berry so the eve can eat it
Eat the berry and let the eve die

Whoever did choose the second option, no… You are very wrong… The eve’s life is 100% more important than yours. Eves have the ability of a phoenix. They can respawn in their camp and continue the family.


Indeed. Sorry, I’ve come to accept that gen 2 is somewhat disposable. Lol


Naw, what you AND the eve should be doing is run into a forest area with clay bowls collecting berries, then come back, if you die because you cant find any food in time, then it was truly a worthless attempt anyways but at least gotta try.

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