You Are Hope Fan Made Trailer (WIP)

Keep in mind that this is a work in progress!


No this one was beter:

Lol jk, also, where is the trailer?

Are you getting bored too ? I kinda get bored and anxious for new content . You thing we will get update soon like last time ?

I told you that it isn’t done yet. Far from it.

Oh i get it. Good luck @WumboJumbo!


I’ve made some progress.

@WumboJumbo hmm i see the two videos but can’t play them. i tried different browsers. something don’t work with the videos. i guess its because of the video format MOV. can you upload the video as mp4. :slight_smile:

Are you using an iPhone?

I can’t play too.I use phone.

That’s odd. It works for me.

Here you go. The aspect ratio is terrible and so is the video quality. I can’t do anything about it.

Its only meant for those who can’t play the better quality trailer. I don’t recommend you watch this if the other video works for you.


Where did you get that 20s

Where did u get the old fashioned filter on there? @WumboJumbo

@WumboJumbo I made one for you to enjoy. Have a look.



Nice movies. @WumboJumbo and @SylarUchiha! The one of @WumboJumbo is more funny, and also shows the truth of YAH, and the one of @SylarUchiha is more like a intense trailer. Wait, is that realy you @SylarUchiha? Good murderer lol.

Yes that was me. It was during a party at Eden. Im glad that you enjoy it.

I remeber that you stabed me right as i died of old age lmao

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