You are hope - Poem

The ultimate you are hope poem… I just wrote it for fun! Enjoy! :joy:

Come my child, come my child,
Lets make a fire!
Come my child into the wild,
That’s my desire!
You are hope, you are good,
You are my darling
Come my child, let’s collect wood
Oh can you hear the bell ring?

Come we travel to this place
Let’s stay together
Oh be careful, there are flies
And in this jungle its hot weather!
Take a few bananas with you
Please don’t starve!
Because we just don’t never knew
when we get new food my love!

Oh can you see? There is grassland!
Here we will be safe!
Please my child, take my hand
I know you are brave!
We have to make a camp right here
We should collect wood
And there is also water near
And a bunch of food!
We will start a farm right now
But first we need few bowls
So lets collect the clay, not snow!
And make an oven, that are our goals!

Let’s sharpen a stone on a big rock,
Lets cut the straight sticks, good!
It’s already late, look at the clock
We really need more food!
Lets collect milkweed to make a string,
Bind together stick and stone,
Oh again i can hear the bell ring!
And now rings my phone…

Bye, I am gone! :v::smile_cat: