YouKio City

Hey You
We are building a new city! It’s called YouKio City.
We created the basics for our village yesterday on the europe-2 server.

And here’s the story how everything begins:

CHAPTER 1 – finding a good spot
At first we were looking for a good place to settle down. What we were looking for was the following:

  1. a nice spot in the green biom
  2. a lot of soil to get a farm going
  3. a lot of water nearby
  4. trees to make tools and fire
  5. other bioms which are close: gray biom for iron, brown biom for flat rocks and yellow biom for rabbits

CHAPTER 2 – basic tools
After we found the place to settle down we crafted some basic tools like a stone hatchet and a fire bow drill. We needed a forge, so we could make clay bowls and plates. The bowls are for building and maintaining the farm.

CHAPTER 3 – food for people
Like in the beginning of every new city it was crucial to have lots of food. Everyone should be well-fed. So we made a farm close to the ponds. At first we make berry trees because they are easy to maintain.

CHAPTER 4 – tools for a new civilization
After everyone got their belly full of yummy berries we were gathering iron to make new tools. With the new tools we are now able to make things quicker and easier.

CHAPTER 5 – a bell tower
With the new tools we are able to make a bell tower. We want to have a bell tower, so everyone can come to YouKio City and join us.

CHAPTER 6 – food for animals
I felt blessed. Everything seems to go well. So we are now able to look for new challenges. Our next goal is to get domestic sheeps. So we are making food for them.

CHAPTER 7 – the sheep pen
This chapter is not written yet. Together we will gather the stuff to make a sheep pen. And you can be a part of it :slight_smile:

You in YouKio City
We would like to invite you to the new city. You are Welcome from the beginning to join us. There are no codes in use to build the city with us. You can join now.

How to join
We are using a discord channel so we can organize us. For joining our discord, Yukino will get you in:

The new family
So this was the story of how we got the first part done in the first 7 generations.
If you are interested in our family tree of yesterday, here’s a link to it:
Family Tree

And if you are new to OHOL, here’s a link to the crafting wiki


This sounds fun!


I was in this town and i was named after u