Your favorite family chronicles

Please use this thread to share some of your favorite chronicles with the rest of us!

It’s easy, just paste a family link like this:
(Remember that the link can’t stand alone on its own line. You have to put some other text in front)

Then others can follow the link to the game and see both the family tree and the family chronicle.

At family chronicles, break tags are appearing. It seems to show when a writer make a break line.

My device; iPhone, iOS 12.1

Could you post an image of this? I’m not seeing it myself and I don’t quite understand exactly what it is. Thanks!

Likes this. There are “< br >“

at the end of some sentences.

Thanks! We will look into it.

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Sorry to bother you again. Could you also share your family link for this chronicle, so we can find it in our database? Thanks!

Here you are.

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Also this