Your opinion about Filtering player

I was just thinking, do you think filtering player base on how professional they are would be great?

Those whose been playing for years, has die old age many times, accomplish many things should be born in a family where the same level as them. So there would be no beginner in their family that could possibly slowing down their progress.

So beginner will be playing with beginners, while pro will be playing with pro. Of course beginners were not playing together all the time, there would be one or two times when pro born on their families. otherwise no one teaching them how to play.

So what do you think? If you’re agree with filtering p, what type of filter we should use?

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Hi @Virunthanwa :slight_smile:

Which problem do you want to solve? i see your solution and its a nice idea. but i don’t quite understand which problem it would solve.

Thanks for your answer :blush:

I mean on which points a player is considered pro?

Dying old age many times doesn’t equal to pro. So what are the condition. That’s what I want to know.

maybe recipe knowledge? the more recipe you tried as players you get experience and you know more about how the game works.

maybe you are also a pro when you accomblished something very fast?

but counting how many times you did something maybe wont tell much about how experienced you are.

Maybe there’s should be level or quest we should complete. If we finish a quest we gain EXP and level up. So maybe player with level 1 to 10 will play together. While player with lvl 50 will never born or getting birth to lower level.