Yum bonus event

Make an event that the player need to gain yum bonus as high as possible. That way new player can learn the important of making varies of food instead of keep eating the berries farm.


Didn’t I heard this from someone else? :thinking:

Oh. Then I must have been too late to think about it. There’s a lot of newbie keep eating the berries farm even though we have other food supplies.

Yeah, I thought I heard this from somewhere else.

People don’t understand the value and efficiency of it. You save so much food over a life using it, there is no argument against it. Once you get it the +10 at any age it’s worth the effort and waste of a few bars of food for the high bonus.

I lok at it like as a form of retirement in game, build it up high your whole life you literally can forget to eat until you die in your last years. You can spend that time doing whatever you want instead of eating berrys. Very important as an eve saving a spawn. The worst is dying at 59 as an eve.


+30 I died with a +7 left no need to eat and this is way higher than you need tbh.

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