Yum bonus for babies!

People usually say giving babies stew or a baked potato is a waste of food. The infant mortality is high these days in ohol and the reason is clear: starvation. When they grow hair, you say “Good luck” and they respond with a ty or thx. They leave and start their life. Maybe they didn’t get a tour or the town was going through a bad moment. They die. So I thought we, mamas and dadas of ohol could fight against death. Giving your babies a berry, a bowl of berries, some whole milk, skim milk, breast milk, stew… That way your precious bbs possibly won’t die so often. I’m not forcing you to do this, but I will try to see the results. I’m also not forcing you to give your babies a crazy 20x yum bonus, a 3,4 or 5x yum bonus will do the job. Anyways.

-Bluebird out