2 bowls and a backpack

Once upon a time a girl was born into a really messy farm to an afk mother. She was adopted by another lady but soon had many children of her own and had no time for her adopted child. It was big, but random and messy. The little girl couldn’t stand it, there were no roads, everything was scattered, ovens everywhere and donkeys were letting everything die. So she spent the first 5-8 years of her life catching rabbits and making a backpack. Some reason everyone in the big town were naked but the rabbit holes empty… hmmm. Anyways At age 13 she finally had a backpack ready and took only two bowls and a knife and set off to find a newer cleaner place to live. She had 3 wonderful children and made a really organized farm with plenty of food. She ended up reincarnating many times and many ppl grew to love this tiny new town. Now the town is a very hot spot in the US beginner 2 server and ppl love to come back. It was me, I was that girl lol. And I’m so proud of all the people that help keep my farm tidy, and even use my 420 family name when they are eve! I’m fairly new been playing for almost a month, and this is my best town I’ve ever started and I’m glad people love it as much as I do :slight_smile: but I’m so so so sad I died before 60 and nobody buried me. I got bit by a wolf :sob::sob: I’m so upset. We almost built a bell tower.


I’m highkey so upset I don’t even want to play anymore :sob::sob::sob::sob:

if you have a peace lily marker there you can live at least 10min and get burried. so you should be able to go back again. maybe you find someone on discord who can help you get buried: Official YAH Discord

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You voted to banish me because I said you was noob lol

U sure that’s all you did cuz I don’t ban ppl for ■■■■ talking. I ban ppl for running away from me as babies(so I don’t keep giving birth to the same runner) or grieving. If your ID was on a dead sheep or pig u probably got banned. ID on a locked door, opening the bear pen, etc. banned. If u say something racist I’ll ban you. If you did only call me a noob and I banned you Maybe I was having a bad day and I wasnt taking any bs. tbh I kill rude/evil babies Just to make sure they don’t mess up my farm. Ppl like to talk ■■■■ and mess farms up for no reason. I am nice to everyone on game and use my same quotes to every baby. I give my children each a house and let them have free range of everything on my farm. I don’t ban for no reason but if you ticked me off on one of my bad days my bad :upside_down_face: