A 3 yr old bb girl kills 5 ppl

A true story. A bb girl was born in a nice village. However, its farm was dying and it was down to only 3 berry bushes out of almost 15 with the rest dying. There were 5 other ppl in the village. The mom of the bb names her the exact same name as another bb girl, and the mom of the bb abandons and bullies her own child while caring for the other bb girl. The girl only survives bc some other girl feeds her. When she is 3 yrs old, her uncle suddenly comes in with a bear following him. I told you all I would bring a bear, he said. They probably bullied him too, she thinks. She thanks the man for bringing the bear and proceeds to lead the bear in such a way that it kills every single other person in the village although she didn’t mean for the man to get killed. Then she takes the royal clothes (colored cotton) from the bones of the old ruler, her mom, and the little bb girl is the ruler of the entire village at age 4. The killing all happened so quickly. The bb girl saves all of the dying berry bushes and kills the bear so the village is safe. She has 4 bbs, 2 of them die but the next 2, a boy and a girl, become good friends and lead the village to prosperity. And all the bbs are told the story of how a little bb girl of only 3 yrs of age used an opportunity to kill all of her bullies so fast, none of them suspected a thing. So the next time you see a cute little bb girl, just know that if she is bullied and harassed she has the ability to turn killer very quickly indeed.