A boy and his mother

I was the son of a woman named Quinworth bedelia.

She was the mum any boy would dream of she was a kind soul and named me manswell which I wore that name with pride!!!.

Together we started building a house a lovely Adobe one I started with clay plates and bowls to help, we were so happy together son and mother, and then my little sis came along who helped get food, and then I went to get reeds and what do you know!!! I have another sister when I come back, everything was going so well our little house was lovely.

But when mother was exploring when she came back she said she found a whole village I was so excited it was so close to our little adobe house. But my little sister didn’t eat when we got there and she passed away which made me and mother so sad. I went to go tell my other sister when in our own little adobe house her bones lay.

And suddenly the days were colder and longer. Little hope was left of what to become of us just a son and his mother. My mum was by now to old for kids. So her and me worked together in our village knowing death was to come soon to us. But we were happy we had each other so I went to get more reeds as she finished her life long work of building a wood trail to our adobe house, when out of the blue a boar got me!!!.

So my mother and I bid our farewells and knew hope was lost but to us we were each other’s hopes.


This is why I want to promote the Forum!! So people can find the family they had lives with, and continue to talk to them and find each other in future lives!!