A day of mistakes

So, I’ve messed up a lot in my YAH solo server today.
It started with the fencing for my sheep, the sheep somehow kept getting out even when there was berry bushes there. So I had to fix that, but messed up doing the fencing.

Then I accidentally made a fuel tank instead of a boiler, wasting valuable iron.
I also died from a rattlesnake twice, I have no idea how.
I have gotten a lot done today, it was just frustrating. I’m currently working on a rice farm along with some composte bins. I need to find some more iron too, I found an iron mine but forgot where it was after getting my pick and everything…


Animals can go over berry bushes, you need a fence after the bush. The bush only prevents the animal from going on that tile


Oh, alright. Thanks!

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Oh, and I almost lost a ton of my items…

A rattlesnake tipped my cart then I got bit by the rattlesnake trying to fix it, I was out trying to get more iron. Never again will I travel that far with my horse…


take a rope with you when traveling through deserts so you can get back your horse drawn cart. this happend to me so many times :see_no_evil: but i like to explore too much to give it up :blush:


I try to, this time I had forgotten to. But luckily there was some milkweed near by, I just need to learn to watch for snakes more. That’s what got me. I was looking for the spot I died for what felt like forever, I’m glad I was able to find it and make it home safely!

Here’s a screenshot of me trying to head home while being as careful as I could so that incident didn’t happen again. Apparently I wasn’t as far from home as I had originally thought! :joy::face_with_hand_over_mouth: