A Doomed Village

(This took place in the us-Beginner server, because I really like playing there for some reason)
I was born to someone named Dina Hope. It seemed like I was her first born until when I died, I had had a big brother who didn’t make it. But I was the second born. My name was Tina Hope.

My mother didn’t seem much of a settler. From the day I was born she was off, working on one thing or another, but she wasn’t the least bit a careless mom. When I was older I had a little sister named Beth Hope, whom I grew fairly close to over the years. The village at this point was pretty humble, it had a little berry farm, no roads, and took up a small portion of land.

On one fateful day, when I had just finished up collecting some iron ore, and was carrying it back to the village, I had my first child. I promptly said a little “Hi” and named him Todd, before leaving my basket of ore behind to take him home. It seems it was in vain, though, because he died early, to my sorrow. My second child came to me when I was going back to get the iron. I called her Lina, so to stick with the whole ‘ina’ theme of names. But she didn’t make it either. (Yes, I did finally get the iron ore back home)

Some couple of years later my mother came to me and gave me a task. She told me to continue expanding the berry farm west, in four rows. She had even cleared out the places where the berry farm would be. And so, I had finally got a mission, a purpose. I wanted to start work right away, but alas, I was still having children. It was a bit unfortunate, though, because all of my children just seemed to either run away upon birth, or die young. Even the one I was betting on to out-live me died, rip Joe. But to my delight, a little while after Joe’s death, my sister, Beth, came to me and she told me that Joe had been born into the family again! He was my distant relative, but in my heart he was my son, Joe Hope.

When I turned 40 life was okay again. I finally had time to look after the farm and expand it, but, man, that was sooooo time consuming, but it was okay. It was nice. I enjoyed seeing my sister, Jimmy(Joe), and my other family members around.

Then, out of nowhere, a bear just comes over and starts eating everyone. Someone must’ve lead it over to us. Darn it! The bear pretty much got to everyone; Beth, the babies, Emma…

Beth told me to make a bow to kill it “for us”, but I’m incompetent, so of course that won’t happen. I knew the trick to stay away from bears, but I got bit anyway. After that I tried my best to lead it away.

When I took a look at the family tree, the only one alive was Jimmy Hope, my son-but-not-really. Well, it seems he’s gone, too, now. And I never got to finish my mission of expanding the farm ;-; if you wanna see the family tree, here it is https://onehouronelife.app.link/ivQ8ElhB4V


Good story!

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Thank you x

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Latency is a gamers worst enemy.

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Yeah, but I’m pretty dumb so it’s expected.