A great mom

Aria Wolflod you were a great mom. Sorry about your IRL issues hopefully this game helps distract you for at least a little bit and makes you feel happier. Lag caused me to not be able to grab the food in time, hence my demise. Hopefully another eve spawns in close so that this little camp can grow since my daughter died…


Yeah I hate it when the game lags me into starvation

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It ok we will build another city full of wolflords. Hope you come and join us. Btw i am looking for stories of times you were in the wolflord clan i made a thread for it called Wolflord clans stories so will you tell us your story :heart:

I’d love to join the wolf lords again sadly I only joined them twice- the first time I died early cause I was overwhelmed by the city like structure that was being created before and the second time was an Eve who died on accident.