A journey of two bells


I was born into the wolf family it was just me and my older brother. One day my mother went missing and my brother to when i heard a ding in the west it was faint and far but i was lonely and had only known two people in my life. I was 14 and an adult so i chose to leave in search of the sound. I traveled far and around the age of 20 a difreant bell was rung. This shocked me so much i forgot which direction the first bell rung and gave birth to a young girl. I called her Bell she was a smart child and was able to fend for her self by the time i had a second child a boy i called Journey.

When Journey was young we took a break in a clearing to eat and prepare for the rest of the journey when i gave birth to a third child i named Discovery we went to leave but i was seperated from my first and second born children when Discovery asked me about them i had to tell him they were on their own. Once Discovery could walk we set out on our journey again when i gave birth to my last little girl in a frozen tundra i named her hope for i knew i wouldnt have anymore children. Somehow i was seperated from Discovery and knowing this was my last child i had killed a seal and skined it to keep the child warm, i then gathered a rope and some reeds to make the child a skirt. Once they were old enough to take care of themselves i once again left on the journey. Never seeing another soul to the day i died.

Though i will never forget the legendary swamp seal

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