A journey that lasted 29 years

As I said, I would try to get to Donkey Town, and so I did. But it was basically impossible to tame 2 horses so a female could come with me. So I decided to hide the horse I wanted to ride, tamed it, made it a riding horse, then a horse-drawn cart, took 3 pies from the bakery in AA and started my trip.
Along the way I found signs of civilization; I honestly don’t know if it was people who wanted to see Donkey Town, or people who were escaping Donkey Town.
Some pictures:

My horse tripped many times, and so that persons horse. I didn’t think about bringing rope, but when it first happened to me I started making some rope and keeping them in my backpack in case the horse tripped.

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My 2nd attempt as not Wolf.

  • https://onehouronelife.app.link/62t4CrOoZQ
    This time I was with my sis, but she got frozen.
    Jojie wolf if you read this please reveal who you are!!
    I think I got pretty far, tho this time I didn’t bring the “park your horse in the middle of nowhere when you’re about to die” kit. So my horse is free
    I experienced a curve in the road, does that mean I got far?

The curve means you’re halfway there. You could try the diagonal instead of following the road. Good luck!