A letter from a Chinese player

We Chinese players basically don’t raise children, but we will specially set up rooms for burying others.

You may not understand why we did this, because basically all of our homes have been severely damaged and destroyed!

However, there are always some foreigners who come to other people’s homes to make trouble and destroy!!!

Most of us are not very good at English, but we are all seriously typing letters to communicate with others. We are also willing to help others go home through burial.

Some time ago, a foreigner came to us after 5 p.m. and frequently went to different people’s homes. We treat him kindly and give him food and clothes.
However, this foreigner killed several families with a knife for no reason! We spent the whole afternoon dealing with this matter!

And my friends and I, we have suffered different degrees of unreasoned abuse! We are really very sad.

Therefore, we are always alert to strangers. It’s not that there are no good foreigners, or it’s not that there are no good people. We have also met some cute foreign players.

I hope everyone will be friendly to each other and create a good game atmosphere together.



Yeah I understand many hardships Chinese players been through.
I acknowledge your rule that abandoning babies for your safety.

However, when chinese players doing that in DIFFERENT COUNTRY SERVER, I regard that as GRIEFING.

For example, chinese player killing korean babies in Korean server to simply maintain their town. They don’t even eat carrot seed. I’ve seen it many times, abandoned many times. NOT ONLY ME BUT ALSO THERE ARE LOTS OF VICTIMS by that.

Coincidently I met that bad mannered chinese players 9 out of 10 in MY COUNTRY SERVER. If u guys keep invade to different country server and mess around, people will disgust chinese players. PLEASE STOP


As I said, not all foreigners are bad people, and not all Chinese players are good people.
We have a group to communicate with friends,but there are still bad guys in China,we hate them too!
Also,some people say Japanese are bad ,but i met some good Japanese too!
i think we should downplay the division of nationality and focus on the quality of players.
I hope we can have a peaceful world!


Chinese people came to Japan,
I’m vandalizing some Japanese server every day.
I heard that the reason is that Japanese people are willing to raise their babies even if they are foreigners.
It is true that when a baby is born in Japan, they raise it regardless of nationality.
Because of this, Chinese people who cannot be trained are now gathering on the Japanese server.
There are some good Chinese people who work quietly, but I also know that there are many bad Chinese people.
The most common people are those who don’t work, talk bad about Japanese people with their friends, eat food from the village, and die.
They may even kidnap children.
Why aren’t Chinese people kind to Chinese people?
Why do you come here to be taken care of on a Japanese server even though you hate Japan?
I do not understand.
I really don’t want him to come again.

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i am so sorry to hear that!i am really sorry!

I hope we can create a harmonious and loving world together, whether in the game or in real life.

I know something about what you said. These people not only destroy your home, but also destroy us. We hate them very much!

My friends and I have been calling for harmony and fraternity, but there are always some people with low quality, and we are also very angry.

When i am new,i went to your town.You treat me as a friend,i think you are very hardworking and friendly.After that,i built my own town.

i really don’t know how to stop them……i am so sorry to hear that.

The only thing i can do is suggest you make rules like us in order to protect yourselves.

I hope u can understand what i said because my English is not so good.love u!