A lonely journey

I was born as a little boy to a young woman who seemed to inherit a small settlement with some basic farm and tools. My mom named me Clark and grew me to youthhood before I went to find reed and create a basket. After I went back mom was gone with a grave left. Even this was short but I still loved her. I moved her grave and took over the farmer’s work.

I tilled soil pits and grew carrots at my inherited home, a small piece of green land next to swamp and ice land. Life was quiet but happy. Maybe because I was an introversive person I enjoyed these peaceful days.

I took my home marker to till rows but it was broken in the end. Suddenly I found there’s no saplings around. “Maybe it’s time to see the world”, I thought. I packed up with a sharp stone in the basket and stepped onto my journey, when I was still in my teenage.

I walked and walked, over whites, yellow and grey and repeat. I dug up wild carrots and onions to survive. Finally I found another green land with saplings. Hooray! I cut down two and put them next to my sharp stone in the basket. I felt now I was a real man. It’s time for home.

I remember I was heading west when I started. So I went east this time. Years over years, beard out and hair grey, I was still on the way. I realized I must be lost. I found a good starting point for new settlement. Green with lots of food and near to ponds and there was even a small piece of desert to keep you warm. But I wanted to get home. I knew I wouldn’t make it but I kept walking. A lone man found his meaning of life.

A wild boar was in the end of the story. It killed me and stopped my journey. I did not know where I was but I knew where I want to be.

Family tree: https://onehouronelife.app.link/ziJ3PagLsP


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