A Young Boy and a Familiar Stranger

Let me tell you a story…

There once lived a young girl, she called herself H Eve. She lived in a vast village. In this village there is anything you can imagine! There are iron tools, bread, and even a bell tower! However to her sadness, there are no people! H was sad but she lived with a mission!

Always be productive, not wasteful and always replace tools where you got them. She knew these rules by heart. In this, all things are good in her eyes. She lived this way for years!

Then one day she had a son! She was no longer alone in this vast village! She greeted her baby with a name, “You are Roy!” and then explained her life rules… however the baby didn’t say much. She then died.

That’s when the newborn found himself all alone! Desperately he ran on his tiny legs! Searching for something, anything! Anyone… but the village was empty.

Accepting his time coming to an end, he just stopped… waiting… for Death to embrace him. He closed his eyes and he felt it… …Death… …Death was covering his face.

But he never died. He was still alive… and not hungry!
He had an angel holding him! She cried out “I… Am… Jon Stark!”

Roy was shocked! Who is this Jon lady and where did Death go! Actually, Roy didn’t care, here was life. So he clung on and lived!

Roy grew under the care of Jon. He wondered off at the age of 6 and starved… Sorry.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Did you know that hourses buck if you run over a snake? Well mine did my second life with Jon. I recovered it and repaired the cart with a rope. But as I went back for food I starved… sorry Jon…

P.P.S. Dear Jon,
There is more stone piles to the south for the infirmary.
Sorry about the horse and cart.
Your loving son,
Arya Stark (Greg Awsome)


Lol. That was fun to have a visitor. :).
Come back soon and we will finish that infarmary. :slight_smile :smiley:

Gregory Charles haha