About update v2.8.0

what an awful update!

First of all, if I born as a Female character, I have to Raise a kid, no matter I actually want to work or I just want to be a dink. Second, Ignore Whether this baby really is my “duty” or something, I have to raise he or she very carefully otherwise I would die by “broken heart”( for me it’s the same meaning as grief) Why do I have to be upset for a baby who doesn’t even want to be my child? ( it’s not my choice to give birth to he or she, so you can’t say me as irresponsible) It IS irresponsible to arbitrarily deprive eve of her life!

Do you really think this does make any sense.

Or what, In your world, are the female just like a breeding machine?

You desire a game doesn’t mean you are the God of every player . you can’t force a female character to have a kid, you can’t push them to do things exactly as what you want. It’s nothing different with authoritarian!

The reason why the players are leaving this game are you never update anything useful like technology or any new clothes or at least biocenosis. You only focus on how to make the player do as what YOU want!

Look at what you did! The way you solve the problem is to “solve” the people who find the problem! Don’t be such a baby!


Is the point of this update forcing us to buy private servers? I was dying yesterday

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My children hated me for being poor and abandoned me many times because they left, I couldn’t develop, and then I kept dying

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Female players losing food for grieving after their children (who are born and brought into the world, not aborted) seems a perfectly reasonable game especially so since the original concept of the OHOL seemed to be a social experiment of forcing its players to cooperate and rely on other players even if their “whims” were a caused problems for other players.

Even though OHOL and YAH are more like cousins now then they used to be that core is still there.

Not only that but im sure whatever problems there may be in the game as of now it will most likely change over time as it has been and will continue to be.

And in no way is this forcing players to do as the developers want to. They along with a few vocal players believe this will be a proper solution to this problem.

Please don’t “be a baby” as you put it and offer constructive criticism such as suggesting it so that eves don’t receive the penalty for babys that survive past one years of age.

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Did you play games yesterday?After this update, most of the home has been unable to play the normal game, if you have played the game you will not say this kind of bystander

I havnt had the time to play the game recently so i cant understand the frustration. But i have been an adult for half a decade now and understand the difreance between wildly throwing insults and properly expressing ones frustration.
Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion.


Please play the game after this update and come back to the discussion. If you are a smart person, you will think this update is stupid

Losing food bar for abandon children does SOUND reasonable, but it need to be put it in a context of a REASONABLE losing, isn’t it? Normally I would have eight kids maximum while I am playing this game ( in Japan server), one child or even zero in Singapore or EU2. Yesterday I had 12 and more. Most of them just come and escape, and I have to pay food bar for that. The last time I lost 60 or more. If I don’t do food bonus, I would defiantly die for the fourth kid. Is this a healthy way to encourage people playing with each other? Or just make me avoid so? Crying baby sounds like a Demon coming for killing me. How could a player enjoy or looking forward things like this?
Let say, if you want your kids to making more friends, would you choose a way of punishment him or her for not doing it? Or give him or her a award for doing it? Of course Players are not your kid, but this game in some way is.
Wouldn’t it make more sense to create activities that require people to collaborate, instead of just punish people who are not doing it?

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@ooduhoo Its not that im saying the update is or isn’t stupid. The subject of my comment is to let Helena know that their post was not constructive. And that while their opinion may be valid it was not a fair way to express it.
The developers are attempting to solve the problem that many of the forum members have complained about or have commented about (meaning the subject of baby abandonment and baby suicides)
This is one of their attempts to rectify this issue. It does not mean that this will be a permanent situation. And especially doesn’t mean they deserve to be insulted for attempting to resolve issues that the community has practically begged them for.

If anybody has suggestions on how to fix the problem im sure they would love to hear about it. Since they seem to take user suggestions in the highest regard.


From what i can tell there has been multiple attempts to make players collaborate but they all seem to fall short.

The way this update was supposed to work i believe was to make the (assumingly) few players who repeatedly baby suicide become unable to from their growing respawn timer. And solo players who purpously kill their babys and refuse to play on solo player friendly servers such as the no child servers or private servers if they could afford them would be discouraged from doing so.

While good players attempting to raise their babys would receive unfortunate losses do to griefers it would be manageable. (I also believed this)

Unfortunately it seems (according to your reply) that it was over looked about the shear amount of players that baby suicide would kill any eves no matter what skill level they are or how lovely of a player they are simply because others do not wish to play in an eves camp.

Hopefully this will be rectified quickly

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I’m trying to be more rational about this. But after I’ve seen so much Amazing idea about how to make this game more interesting and playable, you choose such an unreasonable point to update. In these two month we’ve been through around 4 updates. Look what we got, (Even i love some of them) a dog you have to feed them a lot otherwise they would stay somewhere until it die( which is sad, I’d rather pay food bar for their death than a baby )Why can’t it be they got Energy bar while i am eating? The next update we’ve got a way to ride a bear. However, As soon as you know how to do it, it become boring. Can’t it be more fun and exciting? Sometimes I just want to stay in this game and doing nothing, or only chatting with friends under a banana tree. Can’t it be funnier if there were an activity such as competing of Riding a bear and find a way out from a maze ( just an idea)
It looks like you’re just mechanically taking the player’s advice and not improving it. If the core of this game is to Encourage players to corporate, making these ideas Corporative then.

Ah sorry im not one of the developers im just a moderator for the forums.

There were a lot of event servers that did such mazes and bear races sound like an amazing idea XD. But unfortinately those are not available on the normal servers.

As for coming onto the server and just chatting for a bit i would recommend the no child server but keep in mind that the town and resources are all player built like in any other town and if the players who are working hard to have fun there think you are a greifer they will likely curse you.


Dear moderators, I think you need to try it in the game. A lot of kids are dying on purpose right now. Make it impossible for us to play properly. Our home has stopped building. You just have to keep chasing them. This is really a waste of time.

Unfortunately i cant play right now. But im sure its awfully frustrating as it is now.

It’s too bad you can’t play. I think I need to sleep. Hopefully, when I wake up, the game will be better. Instead of having to face death all the time in the game.

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Have a nice sleep. I to will be going to sleep soon its 9:20 pm my time.

If your starting point is a collaborative game, working harder towers to this then. Classifying player by a crude categorisation and limiting their behaviour definitely IS force them be as what you want (kill them if they are not). And This is too idealistic. Human is a Complicated creature. Different mood leads to different ways of playing. It is impossible to categorize so simply and roughly. An excellent game should Support and inclusion Different type of players. No matter they want to solo in public server or playing with friends in No kids server. Now you can see how unfair and weird this is. Comparing with providing more choices to players. It’s just limiting some of them. If the goal is to Encourage them to pay for private server, More benefits should be added, rather than just compress the game experience of the public server player. If there are players who don’t do what you want them to do, try to understand why instead of excluding them. it’s not kindergarten bullying.
As your second paragraph, If you have ever tried to play this game after update, I believe you wouldn’t say so. as a player, the most important thing for me is gaming experience. I don’t really care about you what is the purpose of the creator, even if it would influenced my decision of playing this game or not. if it is a good game I would love to spend both time and money on it. However, the horrible update this time changed this game to a Awful way. Rebirth mark and die of grief so easily are also contradict to each other.
Again, I’m sure you wouldn’t have made such a hasty decision if you had put in the time to research the market.

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What are we talking about right now? :joy: I thought you were one of the creator.

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Mandrake is a forum moderator, not on the dev team.