Advanced Clothes

Hello, Iam aware there is a lot of game suggestions here.

But rather than suggestions, its more like a plea. In original One Hour One Life version, they have advanced clothes like Bowler hat, Top Hat, Long Dress etc etc.

Iam aware the player base is few here, but for private server players, they often more time invested in the game. Is it possible to have advanced clothes like this In You Are Hope? I would love to wear these clothes, they looks so nice.

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You are Hope has its own set of advanced clothes (which are not 19th century themed).
These are made from dyed wool cloth. Have you tried them out?

do you mean the one that use wool to make and pencil? Cotton bag, a long shirt etc?

If not, please tell me!

I think that is what Christoffer is referring to…they can get quite complex when you use different colors and trim. The end of this tutorial describes this (after step 7):

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