Clothes Tutorial

Here is a tutorial for making the new clothes for those who would like to know. :blush:

  1. Feed your sheep with a bowl of berries and carrot to regrow their fur if It’s already shaved:

  1. Shave your sheep with shears to get fur.

  1. Turn the fur into a woolen ball with this tool:

  1. To use the loom, you have to cut the woolen ball into 2 small ones. You can use either shears or a flintstone.

  1. Now first put a small one on the loom and then use one normal woolen ball on it to get the cloth. Cut it afterwards either with shears or a flintstone to get it of the loom.

  1. You have cloth now. You can color it if you want or you use it blank. You can start sewing it. For making bigger clothes like dresses, jackets and the big backpack you need 2 cloth, for the smaller ones like sultan hood, shawl and undies you need one cloth. You need the following tools for it: needle, coal pen and small stick. With the small stick, you can make different clothes. Just use it multiple times until you have the clothes you want. You can turn the clothes into the normal cloth too. I always do this before I die because cloth doesnt decay. :wink:

To make big clothes, you have to put 2 cloth together and then use the pen to prepare your design. Use the pen multiple times to get different designs. You can also turn the design back into 2 cloth again If you wish. If you got your design, use needle to sew it together.

  1. You can give your clothes a colored lining If you put a different colored cloth on your dress or jacket to make it look unique. :kissing_heart: Put it on it and use needle to sew it together.

This are the clothes you can make. Use different colors to create different looks. By the way: you can use different small things and put them on the sultans hat. :wink:

And this is how the different colors and clothes are look like:

There are seed belts too. In one seed belt you can put up to 10 seeds. You make it with one rabbit fur which is cut in pieces, then put one rabbit bone on it and sew it together. You will get one seed bag. This bag you can either put on a cloth belt or use a string on it. :smile:

I hope this tutorial helps you a bit. Have fun with making clothes!



Thanks for that tutorial! It’s really good. I actually never made big clothes with colored lining, because I always wanna be able to turn them back into cloth again. How long does it take for big clothes (with or without colored lining) to decay? I would like to make some, but if it is all gone the next day it would be kinda sad…


Thank you. :heart:
Dyed clothes stay 24 hours and undyed stay 12 hours.


How do you make the different color dyes?

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Wow, thanks for tutorials!

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@Ingenuetwo here are some screenshots for color dyes: Color Dye Cloth Recipe

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Thank you this is very helpful! I noticed your clothes appears to be lined with gold pieces. Is this also achievable in the game?

private server owners will have shiny clothes. its actually the same clothing, it just shines a bit.

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Wait, how do you turn clothes into cloth again? And also I did a trade with ammeron and got this cloth bag, it says it can be turned back to cloth idk how. Tried with sheers, Loom,

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with a short shaft. you can cycle through 3 options: bottoms, sash and turban. and back to cloth.

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two cloth bag from Amaron together gives 1 cloth


Thank u!!!

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So helpful!

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