Born on an Island in the middle of a swamp, my mothers first child. Turned out I was her only child. She had started a camp, while I collected resources. When I came home she was nowhere to be seen. I searched our island but even her bones were gone.

Years later, I ran into the swamp driven to die from loneliness and lack of resources. As I was nearing death when there you were… on a paradise.
Food everywhere, water plentiful. We cooked eggs and worked on our beautiful farm with berries, 3 sisters and carrots, we grew old and you passed away. I laid you next to our garden pond.

After cleaning our camp spotless, I left home. Leaving behind trails and clues before dying in a rabbit field. Hopefully someone finds our paradise.

(Heh, I was gonna take a screen shot before I died but I was looking for Indigo for ma’s grave.)


And I though I had bad luck with offspring spawns lol.


:stuck_out_tongue: this got me thinking. We should just cut flint around our areas. Easy to do and a clear sign of life.

My favorite part!