An Interesting Life

This isn’t something I usually see everyday. Correct me if I’m wrong, but how often do you find sworn nomads in this game? Not on usual occurrence. For obvious reasons, you’re bound to either A) all die B) have one of your kids settle somewhere and/or C) it’s honestly just impossible long-term. I knew this and was set on simply letting myself starve from a young age. “We are nomads,” my mother informed me. She told me our one rule was to never plant anything. “The gods give us all the food we need”. Okay, ma, whatever you say.

At first I assumed she was off her rockers (actually I still do) and that little fact kept me from death. I wanted to see how this would play out. I went along with it and helped her make a backpack. I’m pretty sure my brother wasn’t the best at English and thought we were trying to set up a home in the middle of a savanna despite our mother’s explanation, so he kept telling us we need to move and find water. My mother called him weird. I thought something similar, but not about my bro. He claimed he had to leave the game and wished us luck. Upon completing two backpacks I had a daughter, who we made another for. By the time that was done I had another daughter. We decided just to leave, and here’s where the journey began.

First my mother took us in a circle, North, South, East, West. A little bit of everywhere. She started saying about the oldest being the leader or something like that. And other stuff about not being weak. Honestly at this point I was just amused. My mother eventually got old and we joked about how she resembled a ballsack. She gave me her cape and told me I was the leader now. Oh boy. It went more downhill (if that’s even possible) when she died. Since my first three kids were girls, babies were popping out left and right.

I laugh looking back at how we must have appeared. Imagine a hoard of people just running around everywhere with no destination, struggling to keep up with each other. As I went back to look for my first daughter so she wouldn’t get lost, I became a tasty snack for a wolf. I told my kids and grandkids to continue on and tell our story with my final words. After I died I observed my children, seeing them all split up and doing their own thing. An interesting life it was indeed.

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Interesting life!