An Unlucky Life

Ever been an Eve and, perhaps just down to bad luck, things went from bad to worse? I started just like that, an Eve in a food-filled meadow. But almost as soon as I spawned I had two children; a girl and a boy. “Well,” I thought to myself, “hey ho, might have been worse.” So I raised my first two kids until they were old enough to make it on their own, at which point I promptly lost them both.

Anyway, hoping that the kids had made a fresh start somewhere, I settled down in a comfortable patch near a swamp ready to start farming. There I had my last good child, a sweet if inexperienced girl. Unfortunately, just as I was getting ready to make fire, her inexperience meant she forgot to eat. Those who came after were far worse. If they were not swearing at me and running away they were raiding my camp and hiding my tools. Some three or four children ended up like this. I still had not heard from my first two kids. This was getting increasingly frustrating. I forged myself some bowls just as I turned 40, alone and annoyed. At least now I could get on with my stuff. I built the beginnings of a farm in case some more fortunate family were to chance upon it and, throwing away all concerns for safety, trekked out into the wilderness in the hope of finding my last surviving children.
I was unsuccessful, as you might imagine. If I had lived into old age and used the Eve’s ability to respawn nearby… maybe the Gaint Family Tree would have lasted beyond Generation 2. As for my original children? The girl died young not long after she could fend for herself. I should have taught her more. But the boy lived well into middle age. He must have been nearby hovering just out of view of his mother.
I think the moral of this story is, stay together! Don’t assume that your next child won’t be your last trustworthy one.

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