And nothing can goes wrong. OH NO IT ALL WENT WRONG

I was born to Hammy Burger, she named me Cheese as in Cheese Burger. Apparently she’s a new player.

The village I was born is rather nice, we have all tools and some leftover irons. So I thought it’s time to open a bear mines. I told Hammy about it and she watch me the whole process, except that she’s old. So I suggested that we put peace lily mark. So we did.

Hammy is die and she reborn there as Eve. So we continue the progress. It took us 3 to 4 life to finished the mine. There’s only one problem, I want her to have the honor to light up the grenade, but she’s too young. So we waited until she turned 15.

While waiting, Charlie is born. He told me that he’s new. So I want him to watch the mine too. That would be fun. So we did, when Hammy is 15 we headed to the mine. She lit the grenade, and KABOOOM!!! The whole cave COLLAPSED!! NOOOOOOoooo it wasn’t supposed to happen. The cave should be ready to be mine.

Hammy feel terrible, she thought it’s her fault. I told her, that’s okay, we can start over. There’s bear mine nearby.

So we pick a bow and arrow, they watch me kill the bear. I told them to stand on something, but it seems like they don’t understand. When the bear is out, Hammy seems running around. Turns out Charlie didn’t know about the plan so he panic and run here and there. The bear chase him. He got bit. I finally kill the bear, but Charlie is gone. Everything went wrong so quick.


big oopsie

Truly a “nothing can go wrong” moment

She thought it was her fault :joy::joy: so wholesome

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