Any good life stories? Here’s one

I played as Penny Eberheart, daughter of soak Eberheart. I raised my brother Reece and my sister Natalie. I had many kids, but the ones that lived to adulthood were Damia and Sally. I loved my life, I mainly kept the farms going, but it was still so special. I think it was my best run yet!


What else did you do?

Here’s a good one, there’s no heritage at camp, only me (male) and some unrelated guy (older).

I was born there with my mom neglected me. Some unrelated guy took care at me by feeding me berries. I don’t know why we didn’t related, maybe my ancestors was nameless so the baby is unrelated even though have the same eve. Turns out nobody here is related to me except my mother which have a kids who die earlier. When i grew up, i make pies but nobody eat it, so i eat myself.

I was minding my own business when suddenly, there’s nobodies around. No female, no daughter. Only one guy about 3 years older than me. I was smithing and he ask me to make shovel. apparently, despite he knew that nobody around he still wants to lived. So we lived together (no homo). I make adze by smithing. He make well using my shovel. Then, i asked him did he knew how to build stall for the sheep? He said no, so i teaches him. We working together building small stall until we get quite old. And then he was very old and didn’t do much because his food bars must be decreased. Knowing he didn’t have enough time, So i told him “this is last lesson. Making door for the stall” despite the stall weren’t finished yet.

I told him to put shortshaft (that i prepared) to the fence. He get confused and put the shortshaft to pondation instead. I said “no. Add it to the fence” but he do the same thing. And then he die, failing to learned the last lesson. So i took his skeletons and put him among her families. Take a shovel and make grave for him. Make stone grave for him too. I want to make sign “brother” to his grave but i need thread. I was too old and can’t find thread for him.

I die eventually. When i look at my family tree, the guy that fed me when I was baby and the guy with me aren’t related to me at all. My mother is a new eve and i was generation 2.

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I was the old man who saved you I think, called Flint Rock. What happened to your sister? I gave her my clothes and everything. Well if this was the Wolfgang family then old Flint got to your camp after my mum became infertile without giving me a sister. So I travelled far away and searched the land until eventually I found your camp. I was not able to come back for my mum as I hoped I would because by then she was long dead. I’m glad I managed to save you in any case, even if your family lasted no longer than our own.

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I was there my name was sora

And soak was my sister

I’m a pretty new player, and all the towns I’ve been born in are built up. No chance to learn to make things from scratch. I’ve mostly been a gofer, farmer, and Baker.
I was in a town with a good mom who gave me a backpack, but my family had too many babies. My little bro was born seconds after me. We had 6 babies around the fire where I was.

I was only a little kiddo, so I loaded my pack with berries and took off for somewhere. I found a lovely meadow near ponds, savannahs, wastelands, and snow. I could have lived my whole life only foraging wild food.
But I wanted to learn and make a small settlement. So, I found a great spot and made it home.
I was gathering supplies and growing up happy when I came of age. My first few children left me in search of bigger towns. Then came Wilder. Even as a baby, she was angelic. I explained her situation and gave her the option to leave. She stayed. She was my companion and I was her helper.
She found an abandoned village, and we made that our new home. She showed me how to make a garden and build a kiln. We lived our lives in simple bliss, then came Queen. Queen was a little when I died.
I’m so happy to know when I passed they still had each other, and hope they prospered.

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I was middle aged man, my family was doomed because of no girls. But I decide to stay alive and clean the mess in the village. After some time a suicidal thoughts appeared… :slight_smile: Why I keep doing this? Probably no one will discover this place. But then, seconds after last funeral, and eve spawned and she keeps saying that this is a miracle. :smiley: I was very happy and died as daddy of a lot of kids. For once this kind of gameplay benefits for me directly.