Anyone here before? Singapore server

It’s in Singapore server. Biggest city I’ve ever see so far.

I usually wondering around the stall. I born as male twice and both i spend it took care the sheep. I born a female twice but die one time as toddler and one catching a piglet and make domestic pig. I also makes a red cross apron (i don’t know who’s wearing it but i hope they act as nurse when using it).

But i think the village already dead because i can’t find heritage in the family tree.

It’s not dead yet. But now it is. I’m the last one
I managed to make a lot of compass north. I hope someone will found it

I was here yesterday, and I found a iron mine and bring back lots of iron so that another player can make a car!

i was born here 3 times on 3 different days. Somehow random eves keep finding this town. Always ends with griefers though. I remember making that horse and all their carts.

Nope. No car. Someone makes something else with it

No car, I’m afraid.

I dun know, because we took the iron back and I almost 59 and can’t see if he can finish the car or not.

The town ia back to live last night, an eve found it. I die young, killed by griever. Later i check this morning, it die again as no one lived. I see no car.

How can eve found it? I never been that lucky before.

Found this town in Singapore today. Had a lot of Koreans I gave birth to. Specifically just the Koreans were killing together and each other in one of the first generations.

I had been there about a week ago. There wasn’t any roads or anything then so it’s nice to see the
place looking a little more organized/advanced. I spent two lives there collecting materials. It’s a nice little place. Interestingly, I’m pretty sure I was the only non-Korean there in both my lifetimes.

Oh wow! I was the eve of that village. Thank you for your work! I’m so glad to see the place lived on.

Looked back at the survivors and a constant grief is destroying it completely. Probably kept getting reborn and killing.

Sheep pen gone food wasted rip… I died an eve there but not much left now from what I seen.