Appeal to join the account mechanism, otherwise it is the village of despair

If there is no account tracking, report, title, feedback mechanism in this game, all players’ homes will be demolished by careful saboteurs.
The hard work and game assets of all players are not protected. This game is not worth the time and effort. Everyone’s home will be destroyed.
The so-called property public ownership is just an excuse for officials not to protect players’ efforts.
When your efforts are ruined and the official stalls say you are powerless, you want to give up the game.

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object on the server start to disappear after 7 days.

lets do quick math:

1 hour = 60 years
24 hours = 1’440 years
168 hours = 10’080 years

when you look out of your window. how many objects do you see, which are 10’080 years old?

the game just wants you to play once a week. why should anyone store your server data when you don’t play the game?

On top of that, servers become more expensive once you have to upgrade the data cap.

The system that is currently in place already works great.

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I play this game everyday. But my home was destroyed by bad people. More than fifty friends’ homes have been destroyed.

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you can suggest your anti griefer ideas here:

Take a look here:

thank you

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