B2 baby

I had a daughter, she had B2, but I was going to keep her anyways.
She didn’t say anything, and when I first set her down, she ran away, so I figured she would go die.
I walked away for a moment, and when I came back she was still alive and three years old.
I saw her stitch together a rabbit shirt, and I was a bit disappointed as there was no need for it, we already had cloth. But then, I saw her stitch together another one, without even putting the first one on… And I thought oh no… And she started going for a third… So I ran for the bow.
I shot her and TheRedBug stabbed her right after (I didn’t even know that was possible), so our town was saved!
But then… She kept spawning to us…
“This is why I should have killed them” … Good thing we only let her live until 4!


Is there a possibility that it was a noob?

She had B2, and it was on US 1 server, so she had to have played at least ten hours.
Also, she first posted: “I was going to go fishing s*** a** w*****”
She didn’t say anything that life though.

I’d say she knew exactly what she was doing when she wasted those rabbit furs.

do you have the link to the family tree so we can flag her comment?

I am not sure exactly how to give you that?

Family Tree

Actually maybe I figured it out?

now it works. it’s a bit weird, the forum alterated the link. thanks for the link.

i flaged the two posts with slurs.

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