Banishment thing

I was banned from my hometown for telling a dude to stop stealing the baby bottles I made. But I’m not b1. All I get is a white box saying I have been banished from the place and I need to find a new home or wait for it to wear off. How long do I wait? It doesn’t tell me the time

You may find the answer to your question, here:

Thank you but it doesn’t tell me how long I’m banned for

It does say 1 hour of play time or not playing for 24 hours per vote. If you Don’t have a B1 then you must have gotten only a few—less than 5 if this is your first time. Has it been 96 hours since you first got this message, with you not logging in all that time? Or, have you played the game somewhere away from you home town for at least 4 hours?

Yeah I’ve been playing for an hour straight sometimes, but no it hasn’t been 4 days just 2 I think

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