I think there should be some age limit on when you can release bears from their caves. Over the past month almost all my lives I’ve had to deal with Bear attacks, and just now watched someone release and lead four bears into a town, killing everyone. It’s getting a little out of hand.


I thought that there already is an age limit?

As far as I know babies can release bears, but if there is a limit it should be older than 20 since I’ve seen so many players release bears and killing towns. It’s not fun being killed by a bear almost every life (or having to shoot a couple)

Try blocking the bear cave by building Newcomen base, which can’t be removed, thus solving the problem once for all.

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blocking the bear cave is super effectiv.

and i thought it would be nice to have a Bear Trap

There is already an age limit. You have to be old enough to use bow & arrow before you can wake up bears.


But there can be some people who will wait and eat. Then they will find a cave and lead th ebears.

so should bears not be able to leave the biome?

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Maybe yes

Thats good idea it make us safely from bear