Beast Master Event (イベント「ビーストマスター」)

When you meet a bear in the game, this is the usual outcome

But what if the beast could be mastered, and controlled

Think of the possibilities: You could go for a ride in the wild country on your bear.

A wild boar would be no match for your noble beast

If your village needs meat, just get a mouflon

Transporting it home could not get easier than this

Bears are good at catching fish.

Actually, they are very, very good at catching fish

But bears are not harmless pets. In the end, this is probably still the likely outcome

The Beast Master Event will start on Friday!
Come try your skills at mastering bear riding. PK will be disabled during the event, but we recommend making lots of bandages anyway. :rofl::sweat_smile::scream:
This event is a bit of a fun experiment, where we are adding objects and actions to the game. If it goes well, you will probably see more custom made stuff in future events. Have fun!

(イベント「ビーストマスター」は金曜日スタートです!是非熊乗りをマスターしに来てください。PK(殺人行為)はイベント中禁止になっていますが、治療用具はたくさん用意しておくことをおすすめします :rofl::sweat_smile::scream: このイベントはアイテムやアクションを追加するちょっとした楽しい実験です。もしこれがうまく行けば、今後のイベントでもっと色々なカスタムメイドアイテムをご覧になれると思います。どうぞ楽しんで!)


Amazing. Can’t wait!

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Wow, I can’t wait too.

btw, how many server will you prepare?
I think “only one server” has many problems.

  1. Capacity (200 peoples) is too small. last(and recent 2 or 3 event) event had lot of players and I failed to born many times.
    (Do you remember, futaba privete server and event server, both had max player(200) in family-friends event.)
  2. I know non-japan region player is so few, but I think you should prepare for eu or us server for them.
    3.(Did you fix, “Account conflicting bugs when changed wi-fi without application shutdown”?, How do I play if I meet “Account conflict” and “forever feeding mothers”. Wait for starved at 40’s old?)

No more “LOGIN GAME”, please. regards.

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  1. If there is a lot of demand, we will consider adding one more event server.
  2. Event servers are always seen by all players. Spawning can happen according to language though.
  3. This issue has been fixed.

Some sightings from the event:

Feel free to add your own.

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@Christoffer how can i ride it… it so hard

Is bear riding still active or did they disable it after the event? The event was in 2018.