Beeblebrox Mikasa ackerman?

Here I am. A new world. bang oh. My grandmother is dead now… Great start. So, here I am. The village is very small and there is me, my mom, and my big sister. My mother decides to name me Beeblebrox… My mom has another child who dies of hunger after a few seconds. My mom comes back, with a snake bite. Take care of your sister. By then I was trying to improve the small farm and trying to take care of my sister. I decided someone who was AFK shouldn’t be fed because she was AFK the whole game, so I stopped feeding her. But then I realized she was the only girl left in the game. fOoD I nEeD FOoD!!! I grab carrots and run to her and feedback her. plop My nephew. He doesn’t follow me to the food, and he dies of hunger. I need a girl!!! Finally! A girl! I feed the girl, but she runs away. Nooooo! Oh there is she is… With a snake bite. I pick her up and name her “Dead :(” Our farm is out of food, and my sister and I are hungry. My last words before I pass are, “Hunger: 0%”!
Family Tree


Where was the village built?

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It was a really bad spot with no clay, soil, or water near by. Don’t know how that happened…

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