Bing bong blip blop

Bing bong blip blop i am back here at the top

Hello, sorry for my absence.
I have bought the game finally and have played for a few weeks now. I like the new things we can make out of crooks (makes me think about stew :heart_eyes:)

I have a village of mine with farms, pens and a newcommen machine thingimabob.

I love you all
Make some good stew everyone :slight_smile:


welcome back :slight_smile: nice to see people coming back! Have you been a beta tester back in 2018? Which servers are you playing on?

I have been a beta tester indeed, and have officially been the one who made stew first EVER on You are Hope :heart_eyes:

Playing on us-1 , very low pop.

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Lol i remember reading some of your posts when i joined the forums lol welcome back to the forums. Have fun discovering some of the new foods, and trying to revive the stews. Kinda don’t see them much on anymore.

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There is only one type of stew but i make all the types of crooks food just to honor the crook tradition :3