Bless mark

We have curse mark, when someone have too many curse, their bubble speaks become black. But what if we have blessing too. When we see someone doing good job or they become a nice player, we praise them with blessings, after the blessing reach certain amount, they got blessed and their bubble speaks turned into gold. But one bad review, their bubble speaks turned into normal and they have to start from the beginning.


What are the benefits? A golden chat bubble isn’t very interesting.

Well if there’s solo player they might consider to feed us when we pop out as their kids. Or we can gain trust from other. Or maybe bonus food bar or bonus age.

I think the limit for blessing would have to be much higher than the curse limit though to keep it from being abused. For example most griefers who are good at griefing are also really good players (not the ones that get caught imeaditely) they could easily get blessings from players then use that as a disguise to blame other players and such.

Also getting one curse would reset the gold text so that would be another weapon for griefers to use against good players.

I think it would be better if they had to be banished for the mark to diapear but if they get to many curse tokens used on them over multiple lives then they would lose it to. For example getting cursed 1 time every full life for 3 times in a row or something to that affect.