Bonnie and Clyde

Mama, I did good. I saw the bear you left me to bring to the Japanese town. I killed 1 with the bear, another with an arrow. After I had Clyde 2nd we tormented the city a little but alas one of the villagers got me with an arrow after I was discovered. I hope my daughter carries on your legacy.

On a side note. Normally I don’t grief. But, I’m getting a little tired of Japanese speaking only ppl on US server.

  1. I don’t like not being able to communicate with other villagers.
  2. I think they are the reason (mostly) we have a suiciding baby plague. They get on our server then suicide til they’re together.
  3. They have 9 servers why be on ours.

And just can’t help myself “We should build a (fire) WALL” -this comment does not condone nor condemn Donald J Trump.

  1. I agree. A note on the setting screen, saying that they’ll be born into a family which speaks the language(s) they choose, would be nice. I think some beginners are setting additional language as English without knowing this, and there are so many Japanese beginners now.

  2. It can be one of the reasons, but I don’t think it’s the main one because the epidemic is raging Japanese-speaker villages on Japanese servers, too.

  3. Probably by mistake. Some Japanese players even cannot understand the basic words such as beginner, us, or jp.

I play on an uncrowded foreign server sometimes, but I’ve never born into an English-speaking family because I only select Japanese as my language.
The language selection should work as a wall in the first place.

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Hello my lovely daughter Bonnie!

A wall is absolutely necessary. I’ve been annoyed about this for some time now. I have usually just gone away to do my own thing. But when one says “hi” on finding another Eve and you get a Japanese reply with 3 to 5 exclamation marks following… you know you’re not welcome.

Well, guess what? These people are CHOOSING to play on US 2 and I have a theory. I think it’s because it’s less populated and they have a stronger chance of being born into a family of their friends.

I just conducted an experiment on US 2 server. My language selections, both first and second are set to English. As I type this there are 39 players on US2. I suicided every time I was spawned as an Eve and was NEVER, not once, born to an Eve in about a dozen connects. I changed primary language to Japanese and poof! I was born to a Japanese mom. She had four more babies really quickly. I left home at 3 and found ANOTHER Japanese camp north of my birthplace. There were 6 people there that I could see as I ran through.

My entire game play tactic has now changed unless and until the mechanics are changed. I WILL grief every single Japanese camp I come across on US2. If I can’t spawn as a baby to an English speaking Eve, I will change my language settings and get born into a Japanese camp on US2 to grief when I’m old enough. The Japanese players have an abundance of servers to play on. The English speaking player base is small enough as it is. I want to play with people I can communicate and cooperate with.

Enjoy the bears!

@Christoffer - I see the answer to this as follows: one cannot be born into a server that is not compatible with their primary and/or secondary language setting. I was going to say primary alone, but that would solve nothing. I think they’d continue to populate US2 simply by changing their language settings.

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I do not want confrontation between Japanese and other people,
I will not criticize your actions that I have done to heal the sorrow you have received.

Anyway, there are things that I care about as verification by BadKat.

  1. Why did not you choose “none” as the second language? (But of course it is anticipated that the result may be the same at the time that it is set to “English”.)
  2. If you say that you’ve been eve 12 times without encountering a player who uses English on a US2 server, where is who you want to play with? Even if Japanese are kicked out from the us2 server, there is no one in us2.

You can propose one thing you can do to have fun playing with players you can communicate with.
As it has been done by Japanese people in the future, I wrote memories of fun and wonderful games on Twitter and SNS(not Forum),
Invite friends and family to play this game together.
This weekend’s event is just right for that.
I wish you happiness.


English/English would result in the same as English/None.

There ARE English speaking players on US2 although a small number for now. I believe the heavy Japanese infiltration of that server makes it harder to be born to an English speaking Eve.

Let me ask YOU a question… am I correct? Are Japanese players migrating to US2 server to enable a better chance of playing with friends?

Thanks for your suggestions but no thanks. The events aren’t what I’m talking about. Either the Japanese players need to be barred from the US servers to play on one of the MANY Japanese servers available to them or they should play on US servers while communicating in English. The language barrier is the primary reason for different servers to begin with.


Of course you’re Clyde. I should have known. Kapu here ^_^.
Anyways. I dont mind if Japanese play on US server so lo g as their English is fluent and they are participating players.

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The fact you were an EVE 12 times in a row means there was no English-speaking eve or family at that point. No matter how many Japanese-speaking players were on the server, it won’t affect your chance to be born into a family, unless other English-speaking players have selected Japanese as the additional language and was already living in a Japanese village.

I born in foreign servers when I feel like playing in a less-developed, small village, and not to migrate with a friend which is too difficult anyway. (I’ve never been to us-2 and will keep avoiding it. Thanks for the heads up.)

And I think the primary reason for the different servers is regions (connection latency). Some languages supported in this game actually have no relevant server.

I think you are missing something. If there is a viable English-speaking mother, you will be born to her. Japanese-speaking players will not be born to her (unless they have English as second language), so they can’t block you from getting your mother.
I think the problem is that many English-speaking players choose to play on Japan servers, because they want bigger cities. It’s not the influx of Japanese to US, but the flight of US players to Japan that creates your problem.

This is my theory, anyway.

That could, indeed, be the issue as I was up and on far earlier in the day than I normally am. I just finished a run with a number of other players.

That doesn’t, however address the frequency with which the Japanese players who spawn on US2 suicide as babies to get into the family they want, which causes a birth cooldown on the mother. It doesn’t address the fact that the Japanese players I’ve encountered aren’t cooperating with English speaking players. I’ve spawned nearby Japanese Eves more times than I can count. Building two camps in a resource rich environment is defeatist and diminishes enjoyment of game play for myself and, I suspect, others though I won’t speak for them.

The US no kill server is more heavily populated. Likely with English speaking players. I choose not to play that server. I don’t mind drama or prepping my village to kill griefers.

I’ll take your word for it that there are large numbers of US players on the Japanese servers. I wouldn’t know.

As I replied to the OP, I was in game much earlier than normal today. That would certainly explain the lack of an Eve to be born to. What you may have missed is that I encountered a number of Japanese players on US2. Why are they on US2? How many servers are there for the Japanese gamers? Since there has been a tweak to spawn people closer together, we should be able to cooperate and communicate.

What I do know is that there is an influx of Japanese players on US2 and, since they don’t seem to want to play WITH English speaking players, something should be done to address it.

Yeah, the US server has the Eve distance set to 100 instead of 500. That was in response to a request to have a bigger chance to find an earlier settlement there, but it causes this issue instead. We could undo that change, but then the other issue becomes “un-fixed” again. Difficult.

The baby suicides will be better dealt with in the next version after 1.4.1. We will keep the baby alive on the server if a player disconnects and then return the player to the same character on reconnection. Also, small babies will not be able to immediately jump out of their mothers’ arms and starve themselves.

Long term, there will be some incentives to staying alive as long as possible in every single life. We’ll come back to that later.


I’ll tell you, about reason what japanese player is playing at us2.
Some people want born at Eve, or eve’s son. But jp server has many big town.
Some people doesn’t want baby. Wish do practice alone.
Some people want to player with using english player, but doesn’t speak english well.

Anyway, “exclamation marks” used when they have just supprise.
Not all of japanese people hate english people, but maybe we have different culture, manner, and skill.
Someone is noob, someone have very high skill, someone have not culture of multiple eve playing.

If you realy want play with japanese player, I recommend, Dont speak dificult english, and say everything simple.
“Let’s be friend!”
“I like you”
“You are nice!”
“Thank you” ( not “ty”. we couldn’t understand what is “ty”)

And if you continue buring bear, someday all of japanese player hate english player, It’s your fault.

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one more.
Dont say “f” if you are sterving.
Many japanese think you said ■■■■■■■
if you meet japanese player and want be hugged by mother, say number of your foodmater, like “2”.
We have realy different culture, and english is not standard in mobile.

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The number thing is really smart. Gives much better information to say how many bars you have left than just saying you want food.



Well, if they hate the English players then maybe they’ll play on a Japanese server.

I don’t know anyone who plays on the US server who isn’t willing to work WITH a Japanese player. Provided that Japanese player is willing to cooperate. Which in my experience hasn’t been the case.

Example; a Japanese player spawned as an Eve in my camp. Was invited to join in. Proceeded to make another camp right across the pond. Wasn’t interested in playing with us but was certainly interested in the milkweed on our side. What does such a thing accomplish? Now we are competing for resources.

How nice does one one HAVE to be? They are the ones choosing a non-Japanese server. They should be willing to capitulate and work with the English speaking players they encounter. From what I’ve experienced, they aren’t. Also, since our vocabulary is limited, one can’t help but use simple English.

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One more for you. If YOU choose to play on a US server YOU should be learning the cultural differences and expectations of those one expects to find on that server. Not only are Japanese players infiltrating at least one of the only TWO US servers, now you’re demanding WE bend over backwards to try to play with you? When in Rome…

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Right. :roll_eyes: Because saying you want food is really unclear.

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You can say that again.

Anyway no one teached us’s culture, please teach to japanese player in game.

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It’s certainly less informative. The mother or nurse makes the decision on when to pick a baby up, so it’s better if she knows how many food bars are left than merely that they’re starting to run low.

No need to get combative when someone Japanese is interacting with you (courteously at that). That’s what you asked for in the first place, wasn’t it?

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Sarcasm is combative?

My entire point is that If there are cultural differences in how people play the game it certainly doesn’t make one play method superior to the other. You didn’t just insinuate that it was better, you outright said it was better. That, in itself, is being critical of the other method.

Personally I tell my babies to say f at two bars. That a Japanese player, who chose to play on a US server, is offended that English speaking players use “f” to be fed because they think they are being told to eff off just goes to show how wide the gap is in play methodology and that they should, without question, stick to playing on the Japanese servers unless they are prepared to adopt the cultural play style of the English speakers on the US server. They can certainly expect players of other languages to conform to their manner of play on THEIR servers. To demand we capitulate on OUR server? It’s not just surprising to me, it’s outright rude.

Again, the old adage “when in Rome” is perfectly fitting here.

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