Born a boy

When I was born I was given the weirdest name in the world… My mum must have been very hungry at that time because she called me Breakfast. At first I was very afraid, thinking that she would actually have me for breakfast! But luckily she turned out to be a good mother. Although she was also a bit crazy, as she used to tell people that she was the one who started the town we are living in. but how could that be possible? The town was centuries old!
I had two siblings who were called (what else) Lunch and Dinner. Sadly both of them died at childhood.
Being the only son left, I had the difficult task of finding a good wife to continue my legacy. After many years of hard working I found her, the perfect girl!
Her name was Jessy.
Together we lived a happy and fulfilling life. All day we worked for the village. She was making a lot of food and kept the fire going. While I went out to collect wood and other things needed.
She had three kids, all girls. And even though we never shared a bed together, Jessy assured me that the they where all mine.

At the age of 59 I died peacefully knowing that I had achieved my goal of a great legacy.

(I’m not a native English speaker… hope there are not too many mistakes ; )


aww cute story :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: hihihi breakfast is a funny name :rofl: