Bug’n’Bee town <3

Just wanted to share a beautiful sight. :purple_heart:


Merry Christmas? :sweat_smile:

Oh is this in US-1? Did you ring the bell all the time for the last 2 hours? I travelled so long with horse to get to the bell but it was just too far :grimacing:

But it looks really nice!


It don’t have to be Christmas to light a tree and bring birds to our land! ;D

The whole reason we did this was for the birds, and then we realized how beautiful they look while lit. :purple_heart:

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Yes, we rang it a few times, two others also rang during same time though. We tried to get to one by car, but it was too far. :frowning:

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Was the bell you saw south? I saw one north tried making it in car but very far had to turn back.

You were wearing a Santa hat. :sweat_smile:

Yes, the arrow pointed south. And another one was south east.

Lmao, TheRedBug wears it every time, I forget it’s even Christmas related anymore. :joy:

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Christmas in September? :wink:

Christmas every day! ;D