Building a maze

One of the things I love about this game, is how creative they players is :grin::+1:

So after thinking and planing a lot, I decided to build a maze :muscle: it’s still under construction, but when it’s done, I will invite you all to go there and play :blush:

I build around 1/8 part of it so far, and my plan is putting food around the maze, so people can make it through.

But if you have an idea, what I could do or build, to make it more fun and awesome ( when it’s done) - please let me know :pray:


such a nice idea :partying_face:
maybe players have to find a hidden corn and bring it back out.
or there is a bear in the maze :see_no_evil:


Uh yes :clap: a golden crown might be a good prize, I was also thinking about boars, but didn’t know if it was too mean :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

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Boars and bears ! :smile:

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Yes, then I’ll definitely do that :grin: maybe in the middle of the maze, you have to find a key, gaude by a bear, that you need to unlock a chest outside the maze, whit a crown inside :crown:


Awesome :smile::+1:t2: Where and when can I sign up for that challenge? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hahaha, I’ll let you know when I’m ready for guests :joy: so far some trees have grown and I got my first boar, so there is progress :boar::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


hihihi :slight_smile: i see the boar! it’s hiding! i like the maze already! such a good idea


Cool!!! I saw when u began and now you have advanced so much :grin: I hope born there to try


woow😻 how creative it is and looks so fun❗️

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I’m still working on my maze, but now I need your ideas again :pray: I need to come up with a name for my maze town and I need a secure entrance for myself… Do you guys have any good names and ideas for how to build a gate? I was thinking maybe doing it like in Enigma :thinking:


I would definitely recommend a wall and locked gates to get in. Out of all big towns I was ever involved in this is the only security system that worked and prevented all griefing. Griefers cannot get axes and chop down all your maxe trees if they cannot go outside and get iron. You can set your lily petal marker right next to the walls so that you are born outside the walls half the time and inside half the time. The three keys can be hidden outside the walls so that if you are born outside you can get in and then close the doors, and if you need to keep the doors open and work on the town you can eat a carrot seed.

However, this only works if the town is far away from the eve spawn area, or people can find the keys and get in.

Are you thinking of a peaceful or dramatic name? In Enigma maze ppl kept dying in it so they suggested to call it Maze of Doom.


Thank you for your answer :grin::clap: I’ll try to implement that :blush: when you get old and die, do you go outside the town to place the keys again? :thinking:

Well a bit dramatic would be fine, since I started the maze to protect my town from griefers, however now it have become more of a thing I want other players to enjoy :grin:

I’m not good at counting tiels, but so far it goes across 3 bioms and contains 1 boar and 3 bears, and even tho I placed food and weapons, it might be hard to complete :joy:


If we are having bbs and are born inside, we never go outside bc the doors are locked. If we are having bbs and are born outside, we use the keys to open the doors, go in, close the doors, leaving the keys outside, and have bbs inside. So there is no way for bbs to escape either way. If we are building and no bbs, do the same thing except bring the keys inside or just keep the doors open so that you can go out. You can always keep burying your old bones.

Walls can be made of bell tower bases and a few stone walls to prevent needing to use the smithing hammer so much.

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Some name ideas
Maze of Extinction and Ultimate Bear Maze.

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Hahaha, thank you so much, that is such a good explanation :clap::joy: when I’m done, I wanna visit your maze :partying_face:

I’ll definitely consider the names, they are super nice, but somehow I want it to be more mysterious… A bit like a pirate making a death trap to protect his/ her treasure… If that make sense :joy:


“pirate making a death trap”

What if you just name it Death Trap :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Or maybe you can attach some adjective to death trap.

More pirate related ideas: Pirate’s Lair, Pirate’s Hoard

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