So? Can you deny the fact that all players who are not in the chat group of 1800+ people cannot survive in the Chinese server? You state that only 100+ people are actually playing, then why is there a chat group of 1800+ and another one of 600+ people that requires all players in the Chinese server to play according to the rules of your 100 people? You have turned a public server into a private property of your 100+ people. You even think that you are standing on the moral high ground. I am really ashamed of you for having such a thick skin and beyond the ordinary people’s cognition. I am curious that when you say this, you really don’t feel shameless? All those who see this reply should go to the Chinese server 1 and see if what I said is true.


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sorry about that…I usually take carrot seeds.But sometimes in order to make friends become my children, I will have tea with pine needles, maybe get you in trouble






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Let me reiterate my point: It is absurd and unreasonable to have to join an unofficial chat group in order to survive on a native language server in a paid game



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I didn’t wanna believe it, but here’s the proof I during the server and got killed welp

Because we don’t have Killing in the US server I literally gasped lol I was shocked that she killed me for no reason😅

Wow… how did that happen?

Oh… Gcr-1… nvm

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lol I was curious with what u said. All checked out tho

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I sympathize with your situation, which almost all new players in China have encountered. So, that’s why so many new Chinese players are moving to other language servers.





Because the game is too free and there is no fixed ID, this is the charm of the game, but also its flaw. Players can only give credit evaluations to individuals in the game through methods outside the game, so that games with unfixed IDs have a credit evaluation mechanism that can be run. It’s interesting, isn’t it? From a barren primitive society, people spontaneously formed a set of self-defense means and credit mechanisms to avoid invasion by enemies. This is a sign of human beings moving from ignorance to civilization, from scattered individuals to tribal survival.

By the way. in primitive society, human beings need to gather together to live and jointly resist foreign enemies. It will always be more difficult for individuals who are separated from the tribe to make a living alone in primitive society. This is very cruel but also true. I think reality is the biggest charm of this game.


You have a valid point. However, the Chinese server 1 is already a mature server that operates according to your rules, and no amount of criticism from me can change its current state. Therefore, I believe that transforming the Chinese server 1 into a premium server with a 10-hour entry barrier, and converting the Chinese server 2 into a server for beginners, would be a good solution. This way, it would prevent new players from being repeatedly killed on the Chinese server 1 when they first join the game, and also avoid the situation where new players, having nowhere else to go, are forced to flock to servers of other countries.