So I’ve noticed a problem! There has been more than five times within the past two days that I’ve been playing and would randomly have a kid (A Chinese player) who ask for burying. Now I don’t find it a big deal burying except for when they don’t do anything but stand there and eat all the food for 10 minutes. it’s getting really annoying! especially when you spawn as eve.

Pro tip: before you die, bury yourself, so you can respond in your village!

Also, please add another Chinese server so the players can have a better experience with the game!

Thank you!

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Not only did she stand around, but she also dug her grave right HERE like :woman_facepalming:t5:

OML… another request for a new Chinese server on the forum​:sleepy:… It’s not like, there are already 10 Asian servers in game :unamused: And some of them have like 3 players on them… :roll_eyes: :dizzy_face: :face_with_spiral_eyes: :exploding_head:

You can make them work, and if they don’t work, you don’t bury them. As long as you explicitly ask for this, the vast majority of Chinese players will work, almost all Chinese players are proficient in making various tools, so you can accurately ask them to work for you.

The amount of time I tried, she was like no! What do you mean no :sob:

Then, why are the players in this server? There’s clearly a problem in those servers that needs to be addressed.

Then you can say no to her, too

Did :slight_smile:

Opening new servers for you guys, is not a solution clearly… It’s like saying “Please open a private server for me, for free”… Gamers are “problem solvers”… If you cannot resolve the problem among yourselves no one can help you… :triumph:

Girl I’m a US player! Please read what I said again.SLOWLY. I was just wondering why there’s so many Chinese players in OUR server it would be helpful if they also had a new player server with slow hunger and no killing because that seems like the reason why🤷🏽‍♀️

Also, let me mention I don’t have any problem with them being in the server because for the most part, they are peaceful but there should be a solution for them. :smiley:

Because Chinese players have a stupid group of 1800+ people, they won’t let new Chinese players play on Chinese servers. Because when you were born, they asked you to be reincarnated or buried, if you say reincarnated, they will starve you, if you say buried, they will ask you in the chat group @their own chat account, only let you live until 10 years old and then bury you. If you try to escape their house, they’ll kill you. They also don’t use contraception, and almost all of them keep having babies. They believe that this can help others to backblock, in fact, the number of backblock players does not need almost the entire server to have a baby to ensure that. So if the Chinese player doesn’t want to stay in that stupid chat group, then she won’t survive on the Chinese server.
So before China Server 2 was created, many Chinese players went to servers in other countries to create homes. It does cause a lot of trouble for players outside of China, and I apologize for this, but I still think the rules of the 1800+ people chat group in China are outrageous and unfriendly to new players.


It’s a public server, isn’t it? There’s you’re answer… :man_shrugging: If a certain player decides to troll somehow, they will find a way no matter what you do or say… :unamused: I’m sorry you got trolled, it’s sad. And just FYI, devs reasontly added a new Chinese server… Did that resolve anything? NO… :frowning_face: If anything it only encouraged people to ask for more servers, becouse they dont want to take the carrot seed…

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they dont want to take the carrot seed… I couldn’t agree more with that

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:sob: I really think you’re not reading what I said word for word. Yes it’s a public server. Hence why I said there’s not a problem with them being there I just posted about a few life experiences which I have the right to! And the only reason I posted about it is because I am not the only one who complained in the families I’ve been in. I also posted this so the players that play in the US server would see it and take it into account.

Yes this seems very unfriendly and sad for new Chinese players so I totally understand. Maybe admin can interfere.:woman_shrugging:t4:

On the contrary, my friend… i read everything you’ve said. And yes, you have the right to complain about it… Same goes for every player in the game… I’m just tired to see the request people come up with, when they get griefed, is “Open a new server” ( like that helped previously and the game’s resources are unlimited )…It’s been weeks (or maybe months), on every second post in the forum, that people request that… I do understand your frustration and also asked myself why does administration is allowing such bad behavior in game (like the afk babies, playing hide and seek with important items people need to progress, summoning an army of bears to kill the colony, etc…). Some questions don’t have an answer i guess? Like why people are people? :roll_eyes: :man_shrugging:

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Yeah I get your point it must be annoying to open up the forum just to see a similar post like the others, which it really wasn’t. But there’s a solution to that.:slightly_smiling_face: my post was based on audacity of the other players, to demand burials when they’re not doing anything, but eating up our food. this post was also to peacefully inform them that they should do something and not stand around. then you’re gonna get buried. That’s all it was if you’re tired of seeing the same post, maybe you should write Your own post to make it different​:relaxed: or just not read them at all.

I originally wanted this post to just highlight a minor problem, and to share my personal experience over the past two days. This post was mostly intended to reach those two particular players.

Also, thank you for the feedback appreciate it

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oh… This may be a habit of Chinese players, generally if a person needs to be buried, Chinese players do not allow that person to do anything other than eat, not touching anything else is respect for the file owner

If you ask them to help you do something, they will help you until you are about ten years old (if he can understand English).