Can Japanese players bury people?

Why don’t Japanese players bury people? When I was born in a Japanese family, I dug my grave and asked the Japanese to bury me, and though they agreed to my request, they did not

Perhaps they feel that their village will be reborn and that their village will become yours.I think the chances of them burying you will increase if you say, “Bury me because I want to reconstruct my village,” rather than just "Bury me.Also, I’m sorry if this text is hard to understand because I used a translator.


It is easy to blame the japanese for that. For context, i’ve had this situation happen on eu and us servers.

People are people, no matter where you are from.

This might not be something occuring often, it just happened once

Is that your name in the game? I think I’ve seen you before

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Once I lost track, I was reincarnated in several Japanese villages that night, and they didn’t bury me

Recently, property damage by Chinese people has become a problem in Japan.
Japanese people don’t say “please fill in the blanks,” so the person who says “please fill in the blanks” is thought to be a foreigner themselves.
Will he be reborn and come back to take over and destroy the village? I doubt it.
That’s why Japanese people don’t bury their bones.
The only time Japanese people bury their souls is when they say, That person was very important to me,'' or I don’t have a job and I’m bored.’’

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The reason why Chinese people ask for burial is that they cannot be reborn to their village by accident, so they will become your child. I hope you can bury him so that he can go back to his own home. Moreover, Chinese people’s game is to build large buildings, and Chinese buildings are beautiful, so Chinese people do not want to inherit your village

If you go to a Chinese home, you will not say that the Chinese want to take over your humble village of pumpkins, beans, corn and three sisters stew.
On the contrary, some Japanese were born in Chinese villages, occupied Chinese villages, demolished Chinese villages, and left signs of rebirth.

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Whenever I look, there are only about 40 Japanese players.
In comparison, if you look at the number of players in China, there is a big difference in the number of vandalism.
Some may go to Chinese servers in retaliation.
Japanese servers without children are mainly for construction,
Other Japanese servers focus on communication and connecting lives.
If Chinese people just get together and eat up the village’s poor stew without working, they won’t make a good impression.
Please resolve the problem with other Chinese people.
If you’re a beginner and can’t get into it, just practice with the tutorial.
Japan only has stew and they don’t make graves, so please don’t come.

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I never gave my name in the game. I think it’s a case of mistaken identity.

I think the key is why they agreed to someone but didn’t do it. If the Japanese don’t want to bury someone, just refuse directly