Can't make pen works

I tried to make pen many times and every time sheep can find a way to escape, i tried planting bushes and raspberry bushes
Both doesn’t work
What am I doing wrong?

Have to see the pen you made… To know where you went wrong.

You need to place fences on the corners :slight_smile:

Sheep can move up to 5 spaces

I had the same issue…the secret is that you need to block diagonal travel. Things we can stand on/walk through, an animal can “jump” over, so there needs to be a full-block item in the path. They cannot stop and turn, the way we can, so as long as there’s no straight-line move possible, they are blocked.

See this thread for more explanations and pics:

Here is another design I have been using lately…it blocks diagonal movement from the inside, so the corners can be cleaner without excess fencing.

Those outermost bushes are not even needed. No animal can stand anywhere that allows diagonal access, so just the 5 bush cross is enough.


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